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Image by Susan Wilkinson

Groomsmen & Ring Bearers

About the main gents...


Chase Williams

Best Man

Chase is what you look for in a friend: trustworthy, honest and a dang good time. We’ve created many memories together in such a short amount of time, and I look forward to many more in our lifelong friendship.

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Sylas Crim

Best Man In Training

SyGuy is my best man in training for a reason. We’ve been bros since we met, and you can usually catch us gaming together on his Switch or playing intense ping-pong tournaments (where he usually wins).

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Mitchell Klan


My brother “Mitch” has been a true role model for me. Growing up together and watching him work hard building an awesome career and life for himself has been beyond inspiring.

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Asa Ifill


We became buds while working together at Polaris. Asa and I have traveled the country together, gone on vacations together and were even roomies for a couple of years. This man is top-tier. #LetsGetToWork

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Leon Ware


Like myself, Leon is a man that enjoys the “Boujee” lifestyle. He is such an honest and real dude. He is the guy you can always count on to be there for you and never let you down.

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Jonathan Hanle


I had the opportunity to meet this awesome guy through Ginsyn’s life group, so Jonathan is the newest addition to my dude squad. His walk with God encourages me to deepen my own. He is undoubtedly going to be a part of mine and Ginsyn’s lives for many years to come. 

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Easton Chanault


E and I played baseball together for 7 years (Warhawk Squad). We have been known to take some spontaneous vacations and live life to the fullest to say the least.

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Andrew Ramey


My boy Ramey has been one of the realest guys I’ve known. Not only were we great friends in high school, but we have become even closer as the years have passed. I am truly thankful to have this guy in my life.

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Thomas Fleischman


We’ve been boys since little league football, so definitely some history there. Big Tom somehow knew of Ginsyn before I did (honestly wasn’t surprised because he knows EVERYONE), and this man told me “this girl is an absolute gem”... safe to say that he wasn’t wrong. 

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Image by Aaron Burden

Rings Bearers


Miles Morgan

Son of Dairek and Emily Morgan


Memphis Morgan

Son of Dairek and Emily Morgan

Memorial Red Rose


Korey Campbell...

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