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Due to a few "rocky" relationships during high school and college, I started thinking that maybe I was just supposed to be single and travel the world indefinitely...

Twenty-five years old & determined to be successful (whatever that means) - that’s where I was in life. 


I had given up on the dating scene, so I just stuck with what I had mastered... THE GRIND 😤💯.

Family, work/school, and travel had been my top priorities for a while.

I was casually scrolling through Hinge one evening and matched with Ginsyn.

I didn’t quite think much of it at first because I had numerous Hinge matches go absolutely nowhere after a few messages back-and-forth.


I could tell after a few exchanges with Ginsyn that she was definitely not like most girls.

It only took a couple weeks of constant texting & late-night phone calls/FaceTime for me to know that Ginsyn was the one for me.


It just goes to show that the saying “when you know, you know” is so very true.

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If you know me, you know I loveeeee love. Witnesses claim I exited the womb, palms pressed together, praying for my future husband.


As luck would have it, my life unfolded a series of arguably the worst dating experiences known to man. I had almost lost all hope in finding my dream man, or even a decent one for that matter.

When 2020 rolled around, I definitely knew what I did NOT want. So where does one go when Ole’ Rona shuts the world down? Why the internet of course!

Weeding through gym rats and deciding God would just have to drop “the one” out of the sky, a strikingly handsome gentleman wearing strappy Chacos and a witty bio caught my eye. Informing him that I planned on deleting the app, he instantly became my Hail Mary. 

A few hours-long convos and sushi feasts later, it was vividly clear I had met my match. God heard the prayers of Fetus G!   

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Meet the ladies and gents that will be by our side on our special day!

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